A few months back I was fortunate enough to attend BNAT, which is where I saw a brief collection of (mostly finished) sequences from Pixar's next film, Up. This was an Alamo Drafthouse crowd full of amazingly hardcore movie nerds, so when I tell you that the whole damn room loved the Up footage, you should take that as a good omen indeed. (In other words, if the whole film is as good as those individual sequences, then Up will be in my top ten of the year.)

ANYway, the flick is about an old man and a little kid who travel (by way of balloon-powered domicile) to a far away land of amusing adventures, strange creatures and nifty gizmos. One such doo-hickey is a dog collar that allows humans to understand what a canine is thinking, as you'll soon see in this very cute clip from Up, which hits the screens (and I can't wait) on May 29. And yes, "squirl?!?!" will probably become an internet catch-phrase once this movie comes out and makes a billion dollars.

(Thanks to Hulu.com -- and their new-fangled trailer section -- for the clip!)
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