For me, 1985 set up all the years that followed. While Scott's great list for 1984 came to my eyes later on public channels and scratchy vhs, 1985 was the first year that I went to the movies a lot, when the occasional visit turned into the almost weekly plan for this 8-year-old. In fact, for me, my beloved summer season stretches well into spring because April brought Ladyhawke and Girls Just Want to Have Fun -- the perfect start for a young girl -- Michelle Pfieffer's tragic love topped with Velcro clothing and crazy dance fests. (Plus, there was a little film called Moving Violations, which would figure heavily into my circle of friends once high school hit with daily recitations of that old batty driver's lines.)

But back to summer. There was one film I was itching to see: Ghoulies. I was too young and out of the movie release loop to know that this was a March release -- I just knew I wanted to see green things pop out of toilets, and I couldn't believe my parents finally said yes and were bringing me to my teeny local 4-plex. I soon learned why: I kept saying Goonies, not Ghoulies, so of course my parents agreed to a kids-hunting-for-fortune flick! When the buggers didn't pop up during the bathroom scene, I knew I'd made a mistake. But luckily it was a mistake that brought one of the best action adventures of the '80s to my attention. And that's only one part of an amazing summer.