Matthew McConaugheyIs Matthew McConaughey the right man to be Johnny Depp's "kemosabe"?

By now, you've probably heard that Johnny Depp is attached to star in Jerry Bruckheimer's'The Lone Ranger' reboot -- but he's not playing the titular hero. Instead, the convention-flouting actor, who has said he has Cherokee and Navajo blood in his heritage, is taking on the role of the Ranger's Native American sidekick Tonto.

With the 'Ranger' rumor mill heating up, a "guy who hears reliable things" now tells Hollywood Elsewhere that Matthew McConaughey is the leading candidate to be Depp's mask-wearing "kemosabe." Though McConaughey hasn't headlined an action flick since the 2005 flop 'Sahara,' his casting would seem to fit the light vibe of the film, which is being produced by Bruckheimer and written by 'Pirates of the Caribbean' scribes Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot.

Can't picture the Ranger as a washboard-abbed surfer dude? Here are some other actors we'd like to see saddle up for the role.

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