Conor McPherson's The Eclipse had several suitors sniffing around as soon as the spooky tale made its world debut at Tribeca on April 24th, but in the end Magnolia Pictures won out with a mid-six figure deal for worldwide distribution rights.
Sony Pictures Classics, Miramax, Lionsgate, and Roadside were all eyeing this story starring Ciaran Hinds, who won the Best Actor jury prize for her performance. Hinds plays Michael Farr, a widower and would-be writer in Cohb, Ireland, who is smitten with Lena, a horror author from out of town. Farr has quite a few things on his mind lately: the death of his wife, contending for Lena's affections with a smug American writer (Aidan Quinn), and the recent ghost he's been seeing.

Cinematical's Eric D. Snider wrote in his review of The Eclipse, "A widower dealing with grief, a romantic triangle, and an illicit affair are more than enough to fill one story. The addition of ghostly visions could have been a way to make the film stand out from its class; instead, those elements merely feel tacked on."

Interestingly enough, it's just that combination that had distributors talking, in the hopes that The Eclipse could appeal to both "genre" fans (i.e. fans of the horror and supernatural) and romance/drama fans. Who will really be lining up to buy tickets seems to be a big question mark for reviewers, but in a year when even Woody Allen's ballyhooed return to NYC fell flat, The Eclipse has, at the very least, gotten people talking. The Eclipse, which currently has no release date, is the first big Tribeca deal in several years.