Next month Cinematical will once again invade the CineVegas Film Festival (check out our post on the fest's premiere slate), and we thought it'd be nice to give these smaller films a plug before their big dance so that you're aware they're coming. That said, we've just received this exclusive image for the film Redland, which will be one of nine world premieres landing in Vegas this year. Click image below to enlarge.

Written and directed by first-timer Asiel Norton, word on the street tells us Redland is a beautifully shot film that calls to mind the work of Terrence Malick. Set in rural America during the Great Depression, the film tells of an isolated family who must deal with their daughter's secret affair. You can check out more of Redland on its official website (also watch a trailer below), and find out all you need to know about CineVegas right over here.

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