After a marathon four-day weekend full of moving more stuff than you can ever imagine, I've finally settled into my new digs in Massapequa, Long Island. (I thought, hey -- if this town produced the Baldwin boys and Seinfeld, perhaps there's something special in the water, ya know?) While moving, my friend and I got to quoting Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (for some random reason), which lead us to discuss our favorite safety net films. What's a safety net film, you ask? Well, we've defined a safety net film to be a movie you'd totally watch on TV if you channel-surfed through ... but you'd still prefer to see what else is on.

You know those moments: You're surfing through the channels, stop briefly on a film like, say, Adventures in Babysitting, and while you'd totally be down for watching the rest, something inside propels you to continue surfing just in case there's something better on. But it's cool because you now have your safety net film if all else fails. Safety net films are weird; for me, they're movies like Don't Tell Mom or Babysitting or Airborne -- these random flicks that have mini-followings and fans, but rarely show up on any lists, and, if anything, are always briefly mentioned in a passing conversation. Safety net films usually come into play on a lazy Sunday afternoon when you'd rather surf the channels than commit to a DVD or two.

What are some of your favorite safety net films? And what was the last movie you used as a safety net while channel surfing?

[Special thanks to Aaron L. for naming them 'Safety Net Films']
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