It was inevitable -- as soon as Francis Ford Coppolarethought a trip to Cannes for Tetro, you knew that a trailer would undoubtedly appear. But how would a brief look into Coppola's first original story since The Conversation, and next indie step after Youth Without Youth, turn out?

Stunning, dark, and just a little bit confusing, if the trailer is any indication. I'd say it's a welcome strangeness and indicative of an interesting cinematic ride, but Movieline isn't so sure: "You can see the danger here amid the flashes of beauty and passion, reminding viewers all too well of the never-ending hangover of perfection." Indeed, it's not your usual trailer, mixing distinct artistic images and a few splashes of color in the story of familial struggle.

Vincent Gallo's Tetro is much like any other Gallo, but it also seems like he was made for Coppola's black and white eye --ripped out of Buffalo and finally finding a home in a timeless, color-free Buenos Aires. But check out the trailer and weigh in below: Has the Tetro trailer piqued your interest?