"For every [studio movie] that you see me in, there were a hundred I didn't get."

Need proof of how difficult it is to sustain a career in Hollywood? Look no further than Scott Speedman, the London-born, Toronto-bred actor who shot to stardom on TV's 'Felicity' opposite Keri Russell (who he briefly dated) before transitioning to the big screen, where he's romanced Kate Beckinsale in the 'Underworld' series and Liv Tyler in the sleeper hit 'The Strangers.'

Despite these credits (and an envious list of on-screen love interests), he insists the search for work is no easier now than it was when he was a neophyte auditioning for the role of Robin in 'Batman Forever.' Speedman chatted with us about his new film, Atom Egoyan's'Adoration,' where his 'Felicity' character is today and more.

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