Here's the game you can bring to the Star Trek midnight showing line in order, and make yourself the most popular Trekkie / Trekker there. (Seriously, if you bring a game to any massive line, you will make friends and influence people.) Hasbro has sent us a glimpse of their new Star Trek Continuum Editionwhich finally does away with the separation of the shows, and combines them all into one. Fight over which friend gets to play with the Klingon Blood Goblet token, and who is stuck being the Captain's Chair. Battle to purchase Trek landmarks like Argus Array, Cardassia Prime and Remus! Sure, such capitalist lust and expansionist beliefs go against the altruistic ends of the United Federation of Planets, but it can't stay the 24th century forever.

All joking aside, this is a pretty cool set if you're a board game fanatic. The pieces are all quite retro, and the game offers two styles of play: custom Star Trek rules, or traditional Monopoly. According to one fan's review, the special rules involve a lot more chance. Rolling a double six will get you a Borg attack, and allow you to assimilate another player's property. If you're really creative, you could probably really run with those rules and create a hybrid of Dungeons and Dragons and Star Trek ... which actually sounds like a lot of fun, and surely has been done by someone out there.