This is an awkward week, as I was fully expecting to write an X-Men Origins: Wolverine piece today. But sometimes you need to jump the gun, and I wrote up my berserker "review" for Friday instead. So now it's time to just take a deep breath and think out loud about the meaning of it all.

Perhaps it's a sign that I'm still relatively new to this crazy world of Internet movie news, but I don't think I've seen so much anger and annoyance surrounding a "geek" film as I have in these days post-Wolverine. (I'm sure there must have been similar feelings for Daredevil or Hulk, though.) The emotions were high around Watchmen, but I think a lot of minds were made up before they even sat down in the theater, so their emotions were slightly blunted. I may have passed out and missed the operatic height of it, though ... the Watchmen week was a really really long one!

I'm not even sure why Wolverine left me so furious. Scott Weinberg teased me about it in the wee hours of Thursday morning, pointing out that I acted as though I'd never been disappointed by a film before. It was true -- and I'm not going to pretend that Wolverine means more to me than Indiana Jones, the Skywalker clan, Batman, or any other character who's been given a lousy follow-up. Nor is it the fact that I become "attached" to movie productions from their very early stages of development. In fact, Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool casting was the second piece I ever wrote up for Cinematical (one of those facts that will stick in my brain far longer than it should), and I blogged nonstop about it for months. You know. You were here! But I write about a lot of movies and if I don't like them, I shrug them off and wish I had my money back.