As if this spicy Megan Fox-related video would slide by me without making it to the front page of Cinematical so all you readers can then comment, "Yup, knew Erik Davis was writing the post when it was about Megan Fox ... blah blah but I'm not complaining." Last week I told you how for the first time in magazine history, Esquire was using the nifty new Red digital camera for a cover shoot -- and that the person being shot for the June issue was none other than Megan Fox, who stars in this summer's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

While the actual magazine will use stills from the video shoot for the cover and the photo spread inside, Esquire has made the video itself available for us to watch online ... and, ya know, evaluate the camera angles, lighting techniques ... the usual boring tech stuff. But if you happen to also be a fan of Megan Fox, then I suppose you might want to watch, too. Since Esquire refused to provide an embed code, we've snagged an assortment of sexy stills for you to check out down below. When you're done looking at those, the video is over here.

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