In the vast void of remakes and sequels, there was one I was actually happy about -- Robert Rodriguez's take on Barbarella. Rose McGowan was the absolute perfect choice (read why here), and I knew the Double R could make something fun from it. But then his plans needed a huge budget, and scared Universal into their bank vault to protect the monies. Hope might have lingered, but now there's no reason to hold on.

In a conversation with MTV, Rodriguez said that while a German company offered to fork over $70 mil so he could make the film, he wasn't keen on having to spend all that time overseas. Naturally -- how would he see his kids or make his late-night Latin meals? So he said no, and now the project is dead and he's moved on. The most we can hope to get is a potential release of the artwork that shows plans, and how cool it would've been. Tease.

I have a wild idea: Make a faux trailer and at least give us something. Hell, it could be tacked onto Machete! On a small scale, Rodriguez could show us at least some of his vision. We could see Rose fight the Orgasmatron! I'm thinking a short film trailer, like the tantalizing Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal's Caligula. Who's with me?
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