My busy schedule of late has kept me out of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine loop, though based on our own Elisabeth Rappe's comments and our 1-10 Scale poll, it would appear as if most of you weren't crazy about the movie. It's too bad, really, and hopefully Fox will listen to the fans and inject some of their say into the next Wolverine movie (and Deadpool movie), but I'd venture to say that not all bad has come from the new mutant release. If anything, the film has inspired a whole bunch of bored dudes to create their own homemade Wolverine claws -- and then proceed to either dance in front of a camera or punch the living crap out of a poor old cardboard box. Oh, and don't forget the horrific costumes that go along with those claws.

Is it just me, or is there something very creepy about building your own homemade Wolverine claws, filming yourself with said Wolverine claws in different positions and then uploading that video to YouTube so people can immediately say, "Um ... this seems a bit not safe." Then again, maybe everyone is doing this and I'm just a silly Nancy Boy who's scared of real-life weapons inspired by make-believe characters. Feel free to browse the videos below (more after the jump) and let us know what you think: Harmless fan fun or psychotic stalker boyfriend in training?