When David O. Russell started piling on the projects, I thought that meant that Nailed was completed, that all of those money woes and stoppages hadn't ruined the film ... but it looks like they did, unless some magical fairy flies over and fixes things. In a chat with the Orlando Sentinel, Jessica Biel said: "I had an incredible experience with David and the rest of the cast. It made me a better actor. For all that, I'm devastated that it's not finished and who knows when it will be and will come out. I still have my fingers crossed that something good will come of it, that it will be finished."

That doesn't sound entirely bad, like maybe Russell just hasn't finished it yet, but The Playlist quashes those hopes, saying: "the film is, according to one of our sources, unfinished, missing key scenes and has been basically abandoned by the principle post-production players. " So much for supposedly finishing production.

While I've been digging the work Russell is moving towards, I'd give it all up for a little Nailed. Biel as a waitress who gets shot in the head with a nail, gets plagued with wild sex urges, goes on a crusade for victims of bizarre injuries, and falls for a congressman? It's Russell brilliance and it's got to hit the screen. Anyone out there know a fairy, genie, or other successful wish granter?

[via Movieline]
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