On the heels of the first Iron Man 2 glimpse comes a little more Robert Downey Jr. (with the bonus of a lot of Jude Law) from USA Today. Just like our Erik Davis, they visited the set of Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes and have a grand tale to tell. Thankfully, it's spoiler free but there's a lot of emphasis on the macho fisticuffs, how this won't be the snooty and stuffy detective of Masterpiece Theater, and will "brand" the character for audiences everywhere. This will undoubtedly be the first of many pieces to play on the trendy "bromance" angle, as there's a lot of emphasis on the rumpled bachelor lifestyle Holmes and Watson lead. It's one that's threatened by Watson's upcoming nuptials, which Holmes looks upon with jealousy, and Watson with a bit of trepidation. How can he balance bohemia and crime-fighting with the lifestyle of a married gentleman?

We also learn that Holmes is a man who often forgets his gun -- and who wears a snappy fedora. Even though there's been a lot of silly emotion surrounding the deerstalker, the story of the hat is pretty cool. It was hand-picked by Downey Jr. from the Lock and Co hat shop, something Ritchie encouraged. "I wanted something more aesthetically pleasing and plausible and more rewarding to look at. I quite like deerstalkers, but there is only one person in history who ever wore one. [This fedora] is sort of authentic to the era, and Robert was very passionate about it." The bum bag (we'll avoid the non-UK friendly description) is for his detective gear.

The first trailer will be attached to Terminator: Salvation. Will we all start drooling like they did after ShoWest? I hope so. I really want this film to meet my expectations.

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