Somewhere in between last week's heated banter about X-Men Origins: Wolverine and its amnesia bullets, the teaser for August's District 9 (not to be confused with September's 9 or November's Nine) slipped through our nets.

This Peter Jackson-produced piece of speculative sci-fi -- what if aliens landed in South Africa and were cooped up there for a bit too long? -- builds upon director Neill Blomkamp's 2005 short, Alive in Joburg, and seems to revel in a similar mix of high-concept dilemma, low-key effects, and no-name actors.

The Apple page proves to be quite the one-stop shop for the film's viral marketing campaign to date. There's propaganda both for and against the film's central corporate entity, Multi-National United -- they're either harnassing alien technologies in order to produce better energy sources or using that as a cover to develop weaponry (and what kind of movie would we get if the former were true, hmmm?). Hey, there's even some viral marketing for the kids!

So all things considered, are you guys intrigued for District 9? Psyched? Pumped? Utterly uninterested?

Update: Trailer Addict has a version of the trailer that reveals the alien's face (see image above) and translates its pleas. We've embedded it after the jump...
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