We here at Cinematical are huge fans of Zach Galifianakis' show Between Two Ferns on Funny or Die, and in this latest installment Zach sits down for an uncomfortable chat with Natalie Portman and her dog, Whiz. Topics range from how difficult it was to communicate with Chewbacca during the Star Wars films to whether Portman wears a two-piece bikini to whether she shaved her V for ... um, you get the idea. In past episodes, Zach (who stars as the sunglass-wearing baby carrier in this summer's The Hangover) has interviewed folks like Jon Hamm and Michael Cera -- and if you've never watched one of these, then I highly recommend you check out all three hilarious pieces. I can't help but wish all interviews were as entertaining as the ones on Between Two Ferns, though sadly there's no way Portman would sit through something this moronic had it been real. Still, the world needs more Chewbacca questions, in my opinion.

Check out the video below, and then make sure you skip on over to Portman's new site, MakingOf.com, to scope out interviews with Hollywood shakers and bakers, as well as all sorts of other nifty things. Portman now plays in the same sandbox as I -- perhaps that means we should do lunch. Natalie, if you're reading -- call me. Warning: Mild foul language; NSFW