It's a real non-surprise that mere days after the premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, confirmed sequels and spin-offs have begun hitting the trades. (Of course, they had been basically a go-ahead since filming on Wolverine began, but that goes without saying.) Yesterday, Fox and Hugh Jackman confirmed they were actively developing a Wolverine sequel set in Japan, today the MTV Splash Page got the official word that they were going ahead with a Deadpool spin-off. (Variety and The Hollywood Reporter subsequently confirmed the story, but it did arise on MTV first.)

Of course, if you saw Wolverine -- spoiler warning ahead -- you are undoubtedly wondering how this could be since Deadpool was cleanly beheaded by our feral hero. But those of you who stuck around for the credits and got the Deadpool secret ending saw that he picked up his head, broke the fourth wall to shush you, and went on his merry way. I'm going to assume that a Deadpool spin-off would actually proceed from this point, and not delve into Wilson's background pre-Wolverine. That would also go along with comments Ryan Reynolds made claiming he wasn't playing Deadpool in Wolverine, but Wade Wilson and the creature who becomes Deadpool. Considering what they did to that "creature," fans may be really glad there's some wiggle room in that statement.

Personally, I think they could retcon that, have Wilson stuck rotting in some cell, and pass that Deadpool wannabe off as some kind of clone. Stupider things were done in that film, I could excuse that rewrite ... and as Reynolds has said he wants a film that sticks to the character continuity, there might be some hope for the Merc with a Mouth.
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