The waiting game on The Green Lantern has been kind of agonizing. While they have confirmed Martin Campbell as director a dozen times, as well as its shooting location in Australia, we still don't know who will wield the ring. (But we know who wants to -- right Brian Austin Green?)

Drew McWeeny over at HitFix is exclusively reporting that the choice may be made -- and it might be the handsome and funny Bradley Cooper.The Hangover star is poised to be a breakout star of the summer, and becoming the Emerald Knight would pretty much launch him into superstar territory.

McWeeny stresses that nothing is official yet, and that Campbell likes to look at and screen test a lot of actors before making his choice. "But the process is far enough along that this is more than just a meeting or some spot on a wish list ... But with the film set to shoot later this summer, they've got to start making their choices, and now's the time to put people in front of the camera and see who really works in the suit. I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I would bet that Cooper's going to be the guy."

So DC and Lantern fans, what do you think of Cooper as Hal Jordan? He's got the look and he has a lot of rakish charm that's neccessary for a test pilot. Does he have that special something that would make Abin Sur bestow the ring on him?
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