In April, Dawn Taylor alerted us to the news that Mia Farrow was going to take Darfur's troubles into her own hands and go on a hunger strike. The 64-year-old actress and ex-wife of Woody Allen scheduled a 21-day strike, which would only be stopped if her health got too bad to continue -- a very possible result when someone who isn't in their youthful prime decides to stop eating for three weeks.

May 6th marked her ninth day, and while Farrow is vlogging up a storm to raise awareness, Movieline points out that not too many people are watching. In fact, as of the wee hours of May 7, the Day 9 Vlog only has 131 views.

Could it be, perchance, because of the context? It's one thing when people like Bobby Sands (see the results in Hunger!), Pedro Luis Boitel, and the other names in the long history of hunger strikes strive to be heard. Putting your own life on the line says something. But while Farrow's motivation is certainly noble, an actress choosing not to eat for 3 weeks while resting in bed to conserve her energy just doesn't have any impact other than proving that she feels passionate about her cause.

Let's face it, a person has to face their mortality for the world-at-large to really stand up and actively take notice. I'd even go so far as to say that an actress is the worst person to try and attempt this, what with the boney landscape of actresses who do similar things to their bodies without a political cause, not to mention the popularity of body cleanses. So what is a passionate actress to do?
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