As William Goss noted earlier this week, District 9 seems to have caught us all unawares, despite the slow spread of viral marketing. In fact, the marketing was all over last year's San Diego ComicCon. There were anti-alien posters everywhere (very little pro-alien propaganda which says something about the crowd), especially over bathroom signage. I remember there were even protesters marching through the hall with anti-alien signs chanting about how they weren't wanted on Earth. No one knew what any of it was for! "Oh, it's some sci-fi movie. Peter Jackson has something to do with it, I think" was the refrain any time you asked about them. It was a fairly effective campaign in the "Wow, that's unsettling" department, but not so good on the "Hey! District 9 is coming out next year!" element.

But, the buzz is growing thanks to the effective teaser placed before X-Men Origins: Wolverine (go watch it on Goss' post if you haven't already), and now every movie fan is really chomping at the bit to see more. Over at Yahoo! Movies, they have a little bit to feed your curiosity ... the first official poster for District 9. It's pretty evocative of those ComicCon ones (which I'm throwing into the gallery just for posterity's sake) but with the violence amped up. Creepy stuff, isn't it? This may end up being more Cloverfield hype than substance, but at least it's low-key enough to stay interesting.