It really has been easy to forget that Land of the Lostcomes out this summer -- in fact, it comes out in a mere 28 days, which either makes this second trailer a bit overdue, or just in the nick of time. I confess, I rolled my eyes at the concept back when it was originally announced (and how many television shows have managed to be remade into funny, modern movies?), but this trailer -- which just debuted over at Moviefone -- makes it look pretty amusing. I actually giggled a few times! I think this is largely due to the cast -- Will Ferrell, Anna Friel (loved her since A Midsummer Night's Dream, which you should see if you adore her too), and Danny McBride really do make this work. Maybe my sense of humor is just skewed into a 12-year-old's today, but try not to chuckle at Chaka's meeting with Holly.

Perhaps it'll run thin over the course of the film, but for now it looks like a nice, goofy break between explosions and grimy heroes. Watch it below and see what you think, if only so you can say "Elisabeth, how the heck can you laugh at a boob joke?" I don't know, but I did, and I make no apologies for it.