Continuing our summer series of 1-10 polls for some of this season's big blockbusters, next up is one of the films we've all been waiting a long time to see: J.J. Abrams much talked-about Star Trekfranchise reboot, starring a selection of hot up-and-coming stars alongside some familiar Trek faces of old and a new fast-paced, energized (and don't forget accessible) storyline.

From Scott Weinberg's review: "Yes, it's an all-new reboot of one of the most beloved series of all time. Which means director J.J. Abrams and his filmmaking crew are walking on very thin ice. True, it's not like the Star Trek series has never seen a bad film, but when you're retro-fitting a mega-franchise in very loud and expensive fashion ... the fans take notice. And they're not afraid to call bullshit at the drop of a hat or a crack in the canon, which is part of what makes the new Star Trek such a pleasant surprise. Not only did they "pull it off," but they've done so in rather grand fashion: This is the best Trek since Khan got all wrathful and such."

Obviously Scott liked it, but did you? We'll be back later this summer to see which blockbuster scored the highest points with fans, but in the meantime please take part in our poll below and share your thoughts on the new film in the comments section.