After the films of Whit Stillman and a little slice of Sussudio mayhem, I'm a sucker for films that dip into 1980s Manhattan. There's this harsh yet ethereal quality to the projects; they're removed from the largest thrush of '80s cheese, yet somehow balance the remaining media with this pensive and other-worldly lifestyle. But what happens when a woman decides to enter the world?

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Julie Anne Quay, "a fashion-world figure and former executive editor at V magazine," has grabbed the rights to Lee Tulloch's satire Fabulous Nobodies, for Braveheart producer Elisabeth Robinson to adapt. The book focuses on a shallow and superficial Manhattanite named Reality Nirvana who works as a "Doorwhore" (picking who gets into a trendy club), "allowing in the flashily dressed but turning away more classically elegant types like Jackie Onassis."

Sigh. There's certainly promise for the project, especially if it lives up to comparisons with The Devil Wears Prada and Clueless. But it does catch ya right in the gut that some estrogen is entering the mix with a project of fashion and shallowness. It is, however, more mindful of the times and Quay insists that it's not a Sex and the City big money picture, but "all about vintage shopping and bartering." Still, I prefer my shallow club lifestyle rife where Scrooge McDuck's sexiness comes into play.
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