It's a scary thing when I can barely remember where I left my cell phone, but I go "Billy Smoke? I did a story on that last year." Back then it only had Matthew Fox attached, but now it has a director. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeffery Nachmanoff has signed on to direct the adaptation of B. Clay Moore's comic series. This will be his second director gig, the first being the moderately received thriller Traitor.

centers not on the black monster of LOST fame, but on a top-of-the-line hitman who narrowly escapes a botched job. The brush with death sends him in search of redemption, and he decides the only way to find it is to kill all the assassins of the world. Pretty tall order. Moore's series is still awaiting publication -- a thread on Oni Press is giving a date of April 2010. The author says Warner Bros is "seriously jazzed about this one" and that the project is moving quickly.

It's difficult to judge it without even a preview of the book, but given the comic adaptations Warner Bros has been putting out, let's give this one our full attention and see what comes of it. Is it possible that by 2010 or 2011 Fox will be a major action star in his own right, the days of LOST and Party of Five behind him? You never know.
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