Slightly reminiscent of Tropic Thunder, Judd Apatow has revealed to MTV that his upcoming film Funny People will feature scenes and marketing materials for a whole bunch of fake films starring Adam Sandler. Only in the film he's not Adam Sandler -- he's George Simmons; a stand-up comedian-turned-mega-successful actor who stars in a whole ton of crappy high concept movies. Not exactly too much of a stretch for Sandler (ahem, Click, Zohan), which is why it sounds pretty funny. Here are some of the mini-movies within the movie:

  • My Best Friend is a Robot -- This one co-stars Owen Wilson, and shows up as a poster in Simmons' (Sandler) house.
  • Redux -- Apatow describes this one -- which they actually shot a few scenes of -- as a cross between Little Man and 17 Again ... "except he [meaning Sandler] becomes a six month old baby."
  • Mistake -- This one, featuring Elizabeth Banks, is a romantic comedy.
  • Mer-man -- Picture Splash ... but it's Adam Sandler. Says Apatow, "I've heard they already sold [Mer-man] to be a real movie after we made it as a joke."
According to Apatow, they've created "all sorts of posters" for these films, and shot actual scenes for some of them. Knowing Apatow and Universal, they're going to have a good time marketing Funny People alongside all these weird fake Sandler films ... and Cinematical will definitely attempt to premiere one of these posters so stay tuned. Funny People hits theaters on July 31.

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