I'll admit it, I'm one of those people who loves to quote movies. Even though I know it can be a little annoying, there are times that I just can't help myself -- but I never claimed to have a photographic memory and I can only assume that I've messed up a few lines over the years, taking a relatively endearing geek trait and turning it into a social faux pas. But, it's good to know I'm not alone, because over at lovefilm.com, they took a poll of the most misquoted movie lines in history and the big winner may surprise you.

So what line have we all managed to mess up? According to lovefilm, it was a line from Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back that took the grand prize as the most misquoted line in movie history. As embarrassing as it may seem, even I was a little shocked to find out that "Luke, I am your father" was never actually spoken in the film. There I was thinking, "But that's the line, right?" -- and no, what Vader actually says to Luke out on the platform is "No, I am your father." (And if you don't believe me, watch the scene for yourself).

After the jump: find out which misquotes cracked the top 5.
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