Tooling around online I came across this pretty awesome time traveling t-shirt that basically crams the most important things we've achieved as a species into one giant cheat sheet. Something like this could come in handy if, say, you were accidentally sent back in time and desperately needed the necessary tools to help build a civilization (and survive, no less). Unfortunately, since time travel does not exist at the time of this t-shirt's creation, one feature it does not include is instructions on how to return to whenever it was you came from.

But it's cool, because this fantastic t-shirt -- courtesy of -- is also useful in the event of an apocalypse. All you Marty McFly's out there may not like the fact that no future sports scores were printed on the shirt, but, hey, if you go back far enough you could go down as the inventor of some pretty monumental things (like flight, radar ... and, well, t-shirts). According to TopatoCo, the shirt also comes with a special bonus feature: "this shirt also doubles as an "holy cow if this shirt somehow got sent back in time EVERYTHING WOULD BE CHANGED" item. This one garment - YOUR SHIRT - can/definitely will/might have already change(d) the entire course of human history. Wear it with pride!" (Additionally, this shirt could be used as a plot point in the next J.J. Abrams movie, so get it now before every fanboy from here to Vulcan Tatooine is wearing one.)

The shirt runs $18 plus shipping and you can purchase it over here. Click below to enlarge image.

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