It would be nice to see something from Prince of Persia other than Jake Gyllenhaal's incredible physique, wouldn't it? There hasn't been anything seen since Entertainment Tonight showed off some scenes, but thanks to a quick blogger, some new footage was grabbed and put online via YouTube. Amazingly, Gyllenhaal is actually dressed in most of the scenes! You don't get to see much (and you hear nothing, as its all narrated by the soft tones of Jerry Bruckheimer) but what you do see is pretty wonderful eye-candy. It's like a landlocked Pirates of the Caribbean crossed swords with Aladdin.

Fans of the game will have to speak as to the plotline -- from what I can understand from good old Wikipedia (and wow, is that an article in need of clean-up), the Prince of the games actually is a prince who is transformed into a beggar, whereas the film is going to use the tried and true conceit of having the royal family adopt a beggar and lavish him with honor ... and shirts, just so he doesn't make all the other guys feel bad with his street urchin muscles.

Our own Erik Davis, who visited the set earlier this year, has said the whole film is "a monster" (in a good way), and predicts it'll be enormous come next May. It seems like it's been in production forever, so let's hope it's worth the long wait.

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