With everyone going justifiably ga-ga over J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek flick -- and with lots of reviews calling it the best Trek since 1982 -- I figured it would only make sense to exhume the old Wrath of Khan trailer to see if it fit our "terrific" qualifications: 1) Is it on YouTube and in an adequately watchable state? (Yes.) 2) Does it make you excited to sit down and watch the movie again? (Double yes.) 3) Does it have William Shatner screaming? (Yup!) It qualifies.

One can plainly see that Paramount was trying to push the action vibe in this trailer, what with Star Trek: The Motion Picture remembered as kind of a snooze. I'd respectfully disagree with that dismissal, but there's no denying that Trek 2 is by far the most colorful, exciting, and matinee-style entertaining of all the sequels. (Unless you disagree, in which case there might be some denying.) Plus you just might notice something that both this trailer and the "remake" trailer have in common. Can you spot it?
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