Though I enjoyed Todd's post, I actually don't think much of the idea that J.J. Abrams needs to go around rebooting franchises, if only due to my vain hope that some Hollywood talent might ration out a little time for some original programming rather than endless prequels, sequels and remakes. But credit where credit is due. Seven years after Star Trek hit its box-office nadir with Nemesis, Abrams' reboot opened to $72.5 million ($76.5 million including Thursday night "sneaks") -- more than twice the gross of any previous franchise entry -- and, crucially, seems to be enjoying good word-of-mouth even among non-Trekkies.

That falls shy of last weekend's $85 million opening for Wolverine, but I expect Star Trek to hold up better than the generally disliked superhero flick. Wolverine dropped nearly 70% in its second week of release, and will struggle to get to $200 million domestic. (Its drop to $27 million is actually slightly bigger, percentage-wise, than Watchmen's much-discussed deflation back in March.) On the other hand, Ghosts of GirlfriendsPast held up well, as the weekend didn't bring any new anti-action counterprogramming.

Summit's Next Day Air, the only other opener, managed $4 million on just over 1000 screens, which isn't too bad -- though I'm hoping Summit can do a bit better with the difficult-to-market Brothers Bloom, opening on just a few theaters next weekend and expanding on the 22nd and 29th.

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