Fingers crossed, you may soon see Lost's Charlie telling Hellboy all about how he dug up corpses for The Tall Man -- IFC Films has acquired the rights to distribute Glen McQuaid's horror-comedy I Sell the Dead, which has been making the film-fest rounds since 2008.

The cast is designed to appeal to a certain stripe of film geek: Dominic Monaghan plays an 18th-century graverobber who's giving his confession to a priest (Ron Perlman) before he's led to the gallows for his crimes. In flashback, he tells the story of his life as an apprentice to a professional corpse-nabber (Larry Fessenden, who also produced) as they acquire cadavers for a crazy doctor (Phatasm's Angus Scrimm).

The flick was repped by Submarine's Josh Braun, who also negotiated the sale of Canadian, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand distribution rights to Anchor Bay.

I Sell the Dead opened this year's Slamdance festival, and reactions were mixed. But most reviewers admired first-time director McQuaid's darkly comic sensibility, and his tone that falls somewhere between the old 70's Hammer films and EC's "Tales from the Crypt" comics.

And let's face it -- Perlman and Monaghan together is a genius bit of casting. If the trailer's any indication, we can expect a few zombies, some professional competition from rival grave-robbers, and a lot of seriously dark humor. Check out the trailer:

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