A year ago, Charlize Theron was talking to Amy Redford about the possibility of starring as Hedy Lamarr in an upcoming biopic. That never came to fruition, but now a new name is circling the tent -- one that seems, no is, entirely perfect.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Rachel Weisz is loosely attached to play the icon in Amy Redford'sFace Value. But the value goes so very far beyond the face -- and that's what makes it so notable. The film will focus on her eccentric life, and rather than focusing on her beauty and acting, it'll shine a light on her second career as a scientist -- "helping to create a method of changing frequencies -- known as frequency-hopping -- that became a forerunner to modern wireless communications." Not beauty. Not romance. Not tumultuous tear-jerking. It sounds too good to be true.

Jose Rivera and Gretchen Somerfeld penned the script, which won a TFI Sloan Filmmaker grant last year. Now we can only hope that this comes to fruition soon, and that next year we're not offering yet another name for the role. Weisz is perfect. Agreed?
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