You might have heard of a little summer blockbuster called Star Trek, which everyone has been raving about. I slid into my seat on Friday night, partook in all the space adventure, and came out with one strong thought: Anton Yelchin is seriously, almost criminally underused in Hollywood. Luckily, I think that may be changing, between his take on Pavel Chekov and his upcoming Kyle Reese for Terminator Salvation. At least, it better!

The 20-year-old is cinematic gold. He made Chekov a wonderfully sweet and smart part of the crew, but before that he was Charlie Bartlett. Where most kid movies consist of teen actors doing a specific part and doing it well -- the jock, the nerd, the beauty, etc -- Charlie Bartlett forced Yelchin into a pretty layered character for a high-school movie about the loser-turned-hero.

Layered how? He's smart, yet naive. Rational, yet idealistic. He's the Igby, the Harold, but with a distinct inclination towards contributing to society rather than merely mocking it. Or specifically for this clip: Charlie seems jerkish with his drama audition as a girl who got her period, but then he ends it with earnest eyes and not the slightest gleam of devilishness.

My dream: Someone teams Yelchin with Sam Rockwell for some kind of darkly comedic caper.