This week's column was a bit of a struggle. I knew it had to be on Star Trek , and I knew I had to overcome my misgivings and half-hearted enthusiasm to do my job. The excitement and buzz coming off the Internet was pretty infectious and by Friday afternoon, I was getting impatient to see it ... which of course meant that every effort I made to get to the theater was thwarted. It was also Mother's Day weekend and it's not exactly fair to drag your mom to a movie she doesn't want to see -- and boy, she did not want to see Star Trek. No amount of enthusiasm could convince her it was worth her time, and I was surprised when she abruptly decided to accompany me to the theater yesterday. Though she sat there muttering about continuity errors, she truly enjoyed it. As much as I liked the film, the viewing experience was ten times more fun because I discovered just how hardcore of a Trekker my mom was. (She actually folded her arms at one point and whispered "Boo, hiss! That's not how it happened!" Now I know what I looked like during X-Men Origins: Wolverine.)

So, I thought it would be far more interesting if I just recorded another chat with her in order to capture all those intense thoughts of an old-school Trekker, particularly since you've gotten to know her rather well over the last year. As always, she was reluctant, but get her going and ... well, like mother, like daughter. Enjoy!