I'm shamelessly stealing this idea from a discussion posted on last week's episode of Slashfilm After Dark. A reader asked the good hosts over there what director or cinematographer's world they would most like to live in. Of course, this is one of those questions you think of a thousand answers to after the fact, but at the time I picked Joe Wright. I want to live in his misty, sun-drenched version of the English countryside where it rains only if you happen to be in a Grecian temple with Mr. Darcy and are thus trapped for hours.

But over this weekend I indulged in a little Douglas Sirk, and I may have to add him as a second choice. I abhor the stuffy social circles presented in his films (he may be critical of it, but it doesn't make it easier to live in!), but I would rather love to be drenched in popsicle-hued Technicolor, the light coordinating perfectly with my lipstick. I'd love to be dressed impeccably, enjoying cocktail hour, secure in a misty land of economic bliss and fabulous furniture. On the other hand, it would be pretty dull (do you get to truly enjoy popsicle Technicolor if you're living in it? Isn't it hard on the eyes?), so perhaps Sirk is best kept as a vacation away from Wright.

Here's where the sharp and classy tastes of the Cinematical readership can jump in. What director or cinematographer's world do you want to live in?

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