Imagine an alternate universe where American Gladiators never came to your television set. Instead it was showing at every multiplex across the country. That was the original dream of show creator Johnny Ferraro, and now it might actually happen. I feel a bit like Egon from Ghostbusters passing this information along from Tobin's Spirit Guide.

Variety reports that indeed an American Gladiators movie is in the works, and that the "goal is to create an action story that takes place inside the world Ferraro has created." You mean like, a gym where people take swings at each other with giant padded q-tips? Stranger things have probably happened in the movie world, but I'm scratching my head to come up with one that's gone down this route.

The film will be produced by Scott Mednick, formerly of Legendary Pictures, with Martin Guigui of Sunset Pictures, Joe Allegro, and Johnny Ferraro serving as executive producers. Sunset is also picking up the tab on this one, which will surely include enormous bills for spandex and "performance enhancing drugs."
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