Women vs. MenGentlemen, do you drag your dates / girlfriends / wives along to see testosterone-fueled action epics? Ladies, do you force your significant romantic partners to watch chick flicks with you at the theater? These thoughts are prompted by a list compiled by our cousins at Asylum: "Summer Chick Flicks No Man Should Be Forced to See." Their reasoning is that no woman should be forced to see a junky action movie (hello, Man with Adamantium Claws!), so why should a man be dragged along to "potentially dreadful rom-coms and weepy dramas"?

Among others, they cite Julie & Julia (with Meryl Streep), The Ugly Truth (with Katherine Heigl), The Proposal (with Sandra Bullock), and two titles starring the once-beloved Nia Vardalos. Oddly enough, these same titles popped up in a recent article by our own Monika Bartyzel. Monika was trying to look on the bright side, but acknowledged: "We might have a sadly plentiful dose of sadly typical romcoms."

I'm between relationships right now and have become accustomed to solo moviegoing. Thus, I never have an argument about what movie to see. But in the past, I can recall delicate -- and sometimes tense -- negotiations. (Which reminds me of that Star Trek / Borg tag line: "Resistance is futile.") Of course, when you compromise and see something you're not inclined to enjoy, you demonstrate your maturity and willingness to 'give and take' in an adult relationship. On the down side, you might be throwing your money away and spending a miserable two hours. So, back to the question: do you drag your mate to see what you want to see? Do you go your separate ways at the multiplex? Or are you completely simpatico about everything you watch?