Over at Deadline Hollywood, Nikki Finke is reporting that Martin Scorsese will direct and produce a film about the life of famed singer Frank Sinatra for Universal, after the studio acquired the project from Mandalay Pictures and secured the hard-to-get blessing from the Sinatra family. Tina Sinatra will executive produce, along with Phil Alden Robinson (who's also writing the script) and Gary LeMel.

Right now there's no word on casting, though logically we all must turn to Scorsese's latest muse, Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio. One imagines his name will creep its way to the top of the list, though, in my opinion, DiCaprio looks a little too boy-ish to play Sinatra. Maybe he'd pass for really young Sinatra (especially the hair and the eyes), but even so I think it would take a little work to turn DiCaprio into a convincable Frank. It also depends on whether the actor playing Sinatra will perform Sinatra's songs, or if they'll simply lip-sync? That little factor could introduce a whole new crop of actors, some of which may be complete unknowns. Would Scorsese cast an unknown in the lead? Doubt it, but it'll be fun to watch this one come together assuming Finke's reportage is true.

Who do you think should play Frank Sinatra? Is DiCaprio our only solid option?

UPDATE: Variety has confirmed this to be true.
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