Not long ago we were one of the first to report that Terminator Salvation director McG had officially challenged Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen director Michael Bay to a no-holds-barred, winner-takes-everything (well, maybe not everything) d*ck measuring contest. When asked about the robot-director's rivalry in an interview with Details magazine, McG said the following: "Michael Bay has a big c*ck. But I'd like to believe mine is bigger. If he's up for it, we can both reveal ourselves on the Spartacus steps at Universal and put the question to rest."

Great. Wonderful. Bring it on! This epic d*ck measuring contest could be shot with IMAX cameras in 3D and serve as a bridge between the two films, which open in theaters roughly a month apart. Sadly, though, before Bay could even respond, it would appear as if McG is bailing on the idea. Why? Well, he tells E! Online, "That was lost immediately and people gravitated to two spoiled brat directors [who] think they have big cocks. Nothing could be further from the truth. The funny thing is, I have an Irish curse and I think we're all familiar with exactly how [I'm endowed]."

Um ... did McG just publicly admit that he has a hard time getting an ... yeah ... but anyway, it doesn't look like fans will get the chance to see these two blokes break out their swords for a duel anytime soon. Let's get creative, though -- what could we have them do instead?
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