Would there be anything more embarrassing than getting yer tuckus handed to you on a plate by Sean "P Diddy" Combs?

Okay yes, there would be, but one would still think that Colm Meaney could hold his own. The dude has traveled extensively through space and even faced Con Air! But with the magic of movies, Diddy gets to beat on Meany for the upcoming comedy Get Him to the Greek, and Just Jared has a slew of images outlining the action, including the one to the right. In the scene, Diddy drags Meany away, beats on him, and then races after stars Russell Brand and Jonah Hill -- who are trying to get to a show at the Greek.

Meanwhile, Sylvester Stallone gets another chance to grimace in a scene from The Expendables. In this new picture, up at AICN, Sly is hanging off of a seaplane, trying to pull himself inside as it takes off and pull off the most impressive pull-up in history. That man has a face for things like this; that snarl was just made for feats of heroism too impressive to be real. It also makes me wonder how Sly would hold up if he faced off against our beloved superheroes. Methinks he could do some real damage on Batman, at the very least.

Between this image and the shot of Eric Roberts getting his taste of Expendables action, I'm actually dying to see this. It's tapping into my goofy action love in much the same way that the GI Joe trailer made me think: Must. See. This. How about you?
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