Rob PattinsonWish the 'Twilight' star a happy b-day ...

Today is a day for true celebration, a day when women the world over, from the ages of 10 to 55 (or, heck, even 90), are united by one common urge: to raise their voices and proclaim in unison, "Happy birthday, Robert Pattinson, you devastatingly handsome SOB!"

That's right, the 'Twilight' heartthrob turns the ripe young age of 23 today, and -- after the 22nd year he had -- Rob has quite a lot to celebrate. 'Twilight' was such a hit that it catapulted Pattinson from relative unknown to Hollywood's A-list and won him an adoring fan base that includes not only screaming tween girls but also women (and, let's face it, a good number of men) of all ages and creeds. Heck, fans in Indonesia even threw him a birthday party this week.

From the looks of it, Pattinson's 23rd year on this planet is likely to give his fans cause to rejoice as well. Check out a rundown of Rob's upcoming projects after the jump, then make his day by posting your birthday well-wishes in the comments section.