The Sci-Fi Channel plays a lot of really crappy new genre movies. We know it, they know it ... and yet still the assembly line of cinematic detritus continues unabated, peppered with titles like Anaconda 3, Monster Ark, and Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep. Most of the "Sci-Fi Originals" are films that they bought or bankrolled at a low price -- and yeah, they're generally perfect for bored Saturday night viewing, provided you have a beer or a bong close by.

But according to Fango, the network just signed a deal to air three (slightly) more well-known properties. The first will be Simon Hunter's
The Mutant Chronicles, which stars Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman. (I've seen this one. It's ... not great.) Then we'll get a nifty little gimmick thriller called 100 Feet, in which Famke Janssen is harassed by an evil spirit while she spends time on house arrest. Lastly, Magnolia's slick monster movie Splinter, which got a cursory theatrical release last month, will also play on Sci-Fi. Looks like we're holding until about June of next year though...

...which kinda stinks because I want to add Splinter to my DVD collection.
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