It's a piece of trivia that will go down in movie history, and it'll probably ensure that Steven Spielberg's The Terminalis still talked about ten years from now. I don't mean to sound too dismissive, I own a copy, and have happily watched it more than is good for me. It's the first film I saw Zoe Saldana in, and I am always going to get a giggle out of the meta set of circumstances that led her to playing Lt. Uhura in Star Trek.

I thought I was going to be all uber-clever in uncovering a clip, but TrekMovie had one compiled and put online before Saldana had even been confirmed in the role. I've always loved this particular scene because it's the first time Saldana's grumpy Immigration Officer cracks, and you find out she's actually a total geek. And oh, the joy Diego Luna takes in the knowledge! I like to imagine their first date was over a DVD of The Wrath of Khan, but maybe it was just over pizza and an enthusiastic debate of who was the better captain: Kirk or Picard? At least Saldana has graduated to a better character than that of Yeoman Rand, though you have to wonder ... why on earth wasn't she going to conventions as Uhura? Maybe she just wanted to wear that ridiculous beehive.