'Big' ... 'Forrest Gump' ... 'Saving Private Ryan' ... how do they stack up against each other?

There are revered American actors ... and then there's Tom Hanks. The five-time Oscar nominee, two-time winner, stands in a league of his own, making a splash with every release.

As Julia Roberts noted recently, "Everybody f***ing likes" him. The actor's films have grossed a combined $4 billion in the U.S. -- not bad for a guy who we first noticed in a wig, makeup and sock breasts on a sitcom called 'Bosom Buddies.' Ever since, Hanks has mastered comedy, drama and everything in between.

Naming his career best is a nearly impossible task; but hey, why not try anyway? We polled users on the 'Angels & Demons' star's top roles, and after more than 250,000 votes, the results are in.

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