They say the jobs dry up for women once they get a little older, and the same can definitely be said for action stars -- especially when they want more cred (unless we're talking Sly Stallone). I cheered for Jean Claude Van Damme when he wanted to take his career in a new direction after the mass appeal of JCVD, and rued the thought of him returning to Universal Soldier, but I imagine there aren't many cinematic opportunities for an aged Muscles from Brussels. But he's still got the action.

The Hollywood Reporter
posts that Van Damme is teaming up with Vinnie Jones for a new action flick called Weapon. The pair will play rival assassins who form an uneasy alliance "to take down the head of a drug cartel, backed by the DEA." Jones is the master sharpshooter while Van Damme is the man who is skilled with a thigh muscle knife. Russell Mulcahy -- the man behind the first two Highlanders, a bunch of vids from Billy Joel and Duran Duran, plus recent flicks like Resident Evil: Extinction -- will direct.

The film will jump into production this August in Vancouver, and hopefully it's more than good-for-video B-fare. Jean Claude has had his messes, but JCVD was wonderful, and he definitely showed that he has a little more to him than most of his gigs relay. Then again, the snarky side of me just put "My Lovin'" into my head.

Is JCVD never gonna get it?
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