It's almost impossible for me not to pimp out nifty little Back to the Future-related gadgets, seeing as my first film-related love was the original Back to the Future. Some people think I'm nuts when I say this, but if someone forced me at gunpoint to name my favorite movie of all time, I might just have to go with BTTF -- it means that much to me. Which is why I'm here to tell you about this cool new toy (us guys love our toys) over at Entertainment Earth. It's a toy DeLorean based on the one featured in Back to the Future II -- complete with electronic lights and sounds, gull-wing doors that swing open and wheels that pop out for flight mode. Sadly no Doc or Marty figures come with the car, which is a limited edition that measures 14 inches long; 1:18 scale.

The car arrives in August 2009, and they're currently going for $34.99 over at the Entertainment Earth website. In my opinion, it's the perfect gift for that Back to the Future geek in your family (there's always one), and for you movie buffs I can't think of a better gadget to rest on your desk at home. Whaddya think?

[via SuperPunch]
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