There may have been rumblings that Lindsay Lohan could leave acting for good, but she's not done quite yet. Variety reports that she's going to star in a new indie fantasy comedy called The Other Side, which has a rather interesting cast list. La Lohan will be joined by: Woody Harrelson, Giovanni Ribisi, Dave Matthews, and Alanis Morissette. I almost feel like I catapulted back to the '90s.

The kicker: This sounds like a cross between Shutter Island and Mister Lonely... So, she'll play a grad student who nabs a summer job working at a science institute on a remote island. There, she comes across an eccentric community (of musicians, one would assume by this roster) who are hiding a big secret about a tragedy that happened years ago. I can only imagine that Dave Matthews went down on Alanis in a theater, driving Harrelson to become a serial killer who kills a discontented, Suburbian teen played by Giovanni.

But these aren't the first actors to get roles, although Ribisi and Matthews have stuck in it for the long haul. In 2007, the main role was given to Brittany Murphy, with Jason Lee, Jim Broadbent, Anjelica Huston, Tim Roth, Lily Taylor among the rest of the cast. A short time later, Harrelson joined, Lee was still around, and Katie Holmes was in talks for the lead.

There's a whole bunch of multi-role parts, so hopefully we get more details on this sucker soon. (Lee was to play a number of characters while Harrelson is said to play both father and son.) But so far, I'm sold on Lohan taking the part -- quirk might be just what she needs. (It worked for Tori Spelling!)

But what do you think?
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