'The Horseman' poster montage

In the intense Australian drama The Horseman, Peter Marshall stars as a man devastated by the news of his daughter's death. His grief turns to unbridled anger when he learns that she was raped by several men before overdosing on drugs, and he sets out to kill those responsible. Media 8 Entertainment has acquired worldwide sales rights, according to Inside Film, and will be showing the film to buyers at the Cannes Market this week.

As I wrote when the film played at SXSW: "It doesn't feel accurate to describe The Horseman as a 'thriller' because there's nothing in it that provides typical action movie thrills ... It's a movie to be endured rather than enjoyed, which doesn't mean the film lacks artistry or restraint. Writer/director Steven Kastrissios creates a pulverizing experience, yet for all the blood, broken bones, and brutality, The Horseman holds back at key moments." Kastrissios told Inside Film that the SXSW screening generated considerable interest among "film executives from all over the world."

Media 8 Entertainment designed a new poster, which includes a quote from our own Scott Weinberg (even if it is for another site). But how do you sell a violent revenge drama? For comparison's sake, you can see two of the original rough poster concepts developed by the filmmakers above -- the full set of 18 can be viewed at the official site -- alongside the new poster (at the far left). Which one sells it best?