Remember Terry Gilliam'sThe Man Who Killed Don Quixote project? It was so vexed by setbacks that they eventually had to kill the film, and it became the subject of the excellent (and tragic) documentary Lost In La Mancha. It's impossible to watch and not feel loads of sympathy for Gilliam. If you're a Gilliam buff, or want to be, you need to watch that and also read Andrew Yule's Losing the Light about The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, another GIlliam debacle, although that one actually made it to the screen (and despite it's crazy history, is one of my favorite movies).

Well, according to Variety, Quixote may actually see the light of day again. Gilliam has restarted the project with a rewritten script, and is in talks with Johnny Depp to play the lead role, this time a filmmaker who becomes a stand-in for Sancho Panza. The role of Don Quixote hasn't been cast yet, but last year Monty Python member Michael Palin was in talks with Gilliam to take the role.

Will it actually happen this time around? Oh, to dream the impossible dream.

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